torstai 27. kesäkuuta 2013

Hiking through Icelandic highlands

This is our (mine and Ilkka's) hiking plan through Iceland's highlands on July 2013. We will start on the 1st of July by taking the bus up to Hveravellir between the glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull. We are planning to walk all the way down to Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk and end our hike in Skógar in the 16th of July. From there we will take a bus or hitchhike. This is for our safety that everybody can see our route. We will carry maps and compass and GPS with a map of the area. We will have cellphones, but there will probably be no phone connection in the wilderness.

We will start walking on the 2nd of July from Hveravellir and walk through Kjalhraun lava field to the road number 35. There's a hut where we spend the next night.
2.7. Hveravellir - hut by the road 35

On the third day we walk on the road to the hut Ásgarður.
3.7. Hut by the road - Ásgarður

On the fourth day we will walk over Kerlingarfjöll mountains to the Klakkur hut.

4.7. Ásgarður - Klakkur hut

From there we will walk southwest on a mountain ridge and spend the upcoming night near lake Grænavatn.

5.7. Klakkur hut - Grænavatn

On the sixth day we continue on the mountain ridge and spend the next night in a hut near the crossing point in a river Stóra-Laxá.
6.7. Grænavatn - ford

On the seventh day we descend to the Hólaskógur hut.

7.7. Ford - Hólaskógur

We cross the Þjórsá river through a bridge next to the power plant and continue through a lava field to lake Hrafnabjargavatn where we spend the night.
8.7. Hólaskógur - Hrafnabjargavatn

From the lake we walk to Landmannalaugar camping site where we spend one extra day and relax.
9.-10.7. Hrafnabjargavatn - Landmannalaugar

From Landmannalaugar we try to leave on 11th and walk to the hut in Hrafntinnusker. 
11.7. Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker

From Hrafntinnusker we continue to the hut beside the lake Álftavatn.
12.7. Hrafntinnusker - Álftavatn

From Álftavatn we walk to the hut in Botnar...
13.7. Álftavatn - Botnar

...and from Botnar to Husadalur.
14.7. Botnar - Husadalur

From Husadalur we continue up to Fimmvörðuháls where we stay one night in a hut.
15.7. Husadalur - Fimmvörðuháls

On our last day we will descend down to Skógar and end our hike at Skógafoss.
16.7. Fimmvörðuháls - Skógar

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hey,
    I have just finished a part of your hike : from Kerlingarfjöll to Langmannalaugar (I already made the Laugavegur, and an flight canceled avoided me to do the Hveravellir-Kerlingarfjöll day).
    I can give you some first hand comment about that hike.
    Jean GERARD

  2. - First day (Kerlingarfjöll to Klakkur hut) : I made a loop by the west side of the mountain. Because of the snow and the weather, the mountain crossing was really adventurous at that time (end July 2018). You should book Klakkur hut at Kerlingarfjöll to get the number opening the door.
    - Klakkur to lake Grænavatn : nice day with some small river crossings.
    - Grænavatn to Sultarfit hut : I couldn't book the hut which seems dedicated to big groups. So I had to camp further.
    - Sultarfit to Hólaskógur hut : one big river crossing. I spent an extra day at Hólaskógur because of the rainy weather. This hut is really fine.
    - Hólaskógur to lake Hrafnabjargavatn : I tried a shortcut and then get, of course, lost. I pushed to Landmannahellir where the campsite and huts are fine.
    - Landmannahellir ot Landmannalaugar : easy day. Walking path are pretty different to your maps.
    To conclude, this 15 days was really challenging for a lonely hiker like me, mainly due to the weight of the food (400 g/day). And it is wise to plan at least 3 extra days because of the weather. And I wanted to go at Eldgja after Landmannalaugar, in 2 steps, but it was impossible due to snow near Strútslaug.
    Jean GERARD